Thinking of a Yoga Retreat? You’ll Find Great Company Here

If you are into yoga, you know what it feels like hanging out with a bunch of other like-minded people. If you live in Ireland or just visiting for a few days and one of the things on your agenda is to have some quiet time with other yoga lovers, this article we will list some of the best places to visit.

They are serene and have taken into account what most yoga lovers like, you will have a great time rejuvenating your body and mind.

Most of the yoga retreats are timed and within specific periods of the year, make sure you check the exact dates and mark your calendar accordingly.

Best Yoga Retreats in Ireland

Courtyard Yoga Retreat

Venue: Coolatting, Wicklow

Cost: Approx €350

This is so far the most popular yoga retreat in Ireland. Most of the programmes start on Friday evening and run through to Sunday afternoons. So you have no excuse, you can head over to Courtyard Yoga Retreat after work on Friday and have a weekend packed with fun. You also get to re-energise ahead of another busy week at work. This place is also famous for serving different types of dishes, and if you are vegan, you will enjoy most of their vegan meals.

Delphi Wellness Retreats

Venue: Leenane, Galway

Cost: Approx €399

If you are a countryside-vibe type of a person, this is the place for you. Driving down to this resort tucked deep in Connemara, one of the most beautiful places in Ireland is in itself therapeutic. The serenity and the luxurious rooms make it one of the best yoga retreats in the country. Fun fact about Delphi is that the retreats are offered throughout the year. Pick the best time of the year for you and carry some other yoga lovers along, you won’t regret it.

Earthwise Yoga

Venue: Craane Bree, Wexford

Cost: Approx €250

One outstanding fact about Earthwise is that it is run by an experienced yoga trainer. Whether a beginner or not, Earthwise is a great weekend getaway. The retreat focuses on different types of yoga, you will have great company in whatever category of yoga you prefer.

Linann Yoga

Venue: Cloneygowan, Offaly

Cost: Approx €90/day

If you are looking for more than just yoga, head over to Linann. Apart from yoga, they offer other activities such as hiking. The retreats run at different times of the year, and the schedules are always posted on their website. Check them out and see what fits your schedule.