Great Tips To Get You Started With Yoga

If you haven’t tried yoga yet, just know that you are missing out on so many mental, physical and health benefits connected to it. Learning yoga is not hard as long as you have put your mind into it and understand the benefits awaiting on the other end. If this is your next plan, below are great tips to help you achieve those yoga goals you have been looking at making.

Get Yourself a Great Teacher

Depending on what your goals are, getting a great teacher will determine how successful you will be at it. Always go a professional teachers as they are best placed to know the type of yoga that suits you and what postures, to begin with as they all vary. There are many free videos on YouTube and mobile phone apps in case you want to learn on your own.

Take Heed of Your Body’s Limitations

It is very likely to get tempted to try out some postures that could be too intense and dangerous when you are a beginner. Always learn to listen to your body and stick to the positions you are comfortable doing at first. Yoga is all about helping your body and mind be in the best state ever, you wouldn’t want to go against this mantra.

Never Compare Yourself With Others

You are the best version of yourself, trying to copy other people is in itself going against the basic ethos that yoga is premised on which is being in a good place mentally and physically. You can only achieve this goal by being content with who you are. Just remember that there will always be someone else who will be better than you and we can’t all be at the same level.

Avoid Food Before a Yoga Lesson

The best yoga teachers out there will always advise their trainees to avoid food or fluids at least an hour before the lesson. If you have to drink water, ensure you don’t take so much. It is also advisable to keep off alcohol and caffeine when you are about to get into a yoga class.

Comfortable Clothing Is a Must

There is a reason why designers design yoga pants. Comfort is key during practice as yoga requires stretching in all manner of all directions. Also, you wouldn’t want to expose your body more than you had intended to just because you wore the wrong pants or tops to a yoga class. There are endless choices from different stores that sell yoga clothing, pick the best for your body and have fun while at it.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to pull off some of those crazy postures you see your friends or yoga mates pulling off, you must learn to be disciplined and consistent. You can’t aim at being the best, but dedicate only a few minutes to practice once in a week. Come up with a schedule and ensure you stick to it. Within no time, you will be shocked at how easy some of those poses will have become.

There Are No Perfect Postures!

You might think your poses suck and someone else’s are perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect yoga pose. We all have different body types. You can aim for that pose you saw in a book, but that doesn’t mean that you can achieve it, always modify your poses to suit your body.